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Dee Ayers has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, having won the "Alabama Top 20 Purchase Loan Officer" and "Top 1% of Alabama Loan Officers". Her expertise and helpful heart make her the optimal choice to work with. Dee understands the stress home buying can cause and is here to mitigate that stress during what should be an exciting time. Dee is ready to join the excitement of your new home adventures and will remain efficient and honest the whole way through. Learn more about Dee now and take that next step to a new home!
  • The Personal Approach
  • The home-buying process gets personal fast, making trust and honesty important factors to abide by. Dee takes a personal approach, working with you as partners every step of the way.
  • The Absolute Best Deal
  • For the quality of work and the rates she gives, your best option is here. Dee is not only a professional but a friend to her clients and wants to ensure they never pay more than they have to.
  • Positive Experience
  • Buying a home should be a positive and exciting experience and not a chore. With Dee, the process is made easier so you can enjoy this big life change.

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Are you looking to buy a new home? Whether it’s not your first rodeo or it’s your first time, Dee is here for you. Start today with a broker who is knowledgeable and cares.


Get started on refinancing your mortgage today, trading in your old mortgage for a new one. We have the knowledge and experience to get it done the right way.

"If anyone is in the market to buy a...

"If anyone is in the market to buy a home, I highly recommend using Ms. Dee Ayers! Justin and I have been through the process before with different lenders and it was more stressful than I imagined it could be and we decided to just give up. But Ms. Dee is absolutely amazing! It was the smoothest process we have ever been through. We didn't have any issues at all and we closed on our home super fast!"

– Renee Dees

“Dee is awesome! She has helped us...

“Dee is awesome! She has helped us with buying a house, selling a house, and building a house. If you want great service that goes above and beyond, I definitely recommend her!”

– Tiffany Colley

“Dee helped my wife and I buy our...

“Dee helped my wife and I buy our first house, great to work with, handled everything professionally, we will use her again!”

– Joey Jones

Helpful tips for your motgage process

Understanding Common Mortgage Terms

Here is a list of 15 common mortgage terms that might come up in conversation in the home buying process!

What is a home appraisal and why does it matter?

Understanding how the appraisal process works will help you with the home buying or selling process as well as refinancing.


How does credit affect a mortgage?

Before you worry about your credit score, we have provided the answers to what credit is, how it impacts a mortgage, and ways you can improve your credit score.


The Process of Getting a Loan

Applying for a mortgage loan is on the top of the to-do list when buying a home. Before you begin your home searching journey, there are some things you should discover first.

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